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GuardLab® Mouth Guards Can Enhance Athletic Performance

GuardLab® mouthguards are designed to help you train harder and compete at a higher level than before. They provide protection and enhance performance for all athletes looking to get better in their chosen sport. Get protection and a competitive edge.

How It Works

Whenever you train or compete, the natural reaction is to clench your jaw; part of the hard wiring “fight or flight” response in your brain. GuardLab® mouthguards maintain the optimal spacing and counteract the negative effects of clenching. 

What to Expect

  • Increases Strength: with improved airflow and less stress, GuardLab® mouthguards can improve strength by an average of 12-17%
  • Increases Endurance: GuardLab® mouthguards opens airways resulting in up to 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes of intense exercise.
  • Speeds Up Reaction Time: Athletes have been shown to respond faster when wearing GuardLab® mouthguards. Clinical trials show improved response times to both auditory cues and visual cues.
  • Reduces Athletic Stress and Impact: Excess cortisol causes stress and fatigue. GuardLab® mouthguards decreases cortisol levels. When the jaw suffers impact, energy is transmitted.GuardLab® mouthguards reduces the effects of G-force impact to the jaw by up to 20%.
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Unleash Your Competitive Edge with GuardLab® mouthguards

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