Are You Properly Brushing Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth is a quintessential behavior, that can become a ritual signifying the start or end of your day. But, are you brushing correctly?


Your tooth brush should be angled at 45 degrees to your teeth. This allows for the gum line to be cleaned along with tooth surfaces.

Use short wide strokes to clean the inner, outer and chewing surfaces. To make sure that you are not brushing too hard, use your non dominant hand to hold the tooth brush.

Slow Down! We recommend brushing for a full two minutes. That is thirty seconds for each quadrant of your mouth.

Sticking with these tips will leave your mouth clean and healthy while preventing tooth sensitivity.

There are legitimate risks to brushing your teeth too hard. Applying too much pressure can slowly wear down your enamel. Once you suffer significant damage, your teeth will be at a higher risk for cavities and decay.

Brushing your teeth too hard can also cause your gum line to recede. Gum line recession can also contribute to sensitivity and a variety of health concerns.

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