Coping With Dental Anxiety


The best way to avoid complex dental procedures and pain is to regularly visit your dentist. Not only will your dentist diagnose problems and help you prevent future issues, but he or she will also help manage your oral health as part of your general health.

Many people fear the dentist because they are afraid of pain. There are several ways to manage this during and after dental treatment. Most commonly, dentists will use topical and local anaesthesia. Topical anaesthesia is a numbing gel that can help ease the insertion of a thin needle used to deliver local anaesthesia. The local anaesthesia will take effect within minutes,


Many people find bringing distractions to the dental chair to be effective. Examples include headphones for music or podcasts, and a stress relief ball that can be squeezed with your hands to release tension during the procedure.

Ultimately, managing your dental anxiety will involve a combination of the above options. Talk with your dentist and explain exactly what makes you nervous about the visit. Your dentist will do a careful review of your medical history in order to make safe recommendations while considering your overall health.

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