How do Seasonal Allergies impact your oral health?


Allergies can sometimes lead to dental pain. Your maxillary sinuses are usually affected by seasonal allergies. When pressure and congestion build in those sinuses, it can result in pressure in the head and face.

Since the root tips of your upper molars are very close to those maxillary sinuses. the pressure and congestion may affect the roots of your teeth causing pain and inflammation in the upper molars.


it's important to prevent sunus pressure from developing. Try limiting time outdoors on high pollen days to prevent problems. Often, OTC decongestants can be used to help relieve the pressure. Taking antihistamines can help suppress the release of histamines causing the allargy symptoms. For severe allergies, a nasal spray may be needed. Remember many of these medications can make dry mouth even worse. Focus on staying hydrated as well.

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