Fill in Large Gaps in Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

Consisting of artificial teeth anchored in place by dental crowns, a bridge is designed to blend in as naturally as possible with your surrounding teeth.

Missing teeth can not only leave unsightly gaps in your smile, but also compromise your oral health. If you are missing several teeth in a row, you can visit Beacon Place Dental Group to receive a traditional or implant-supported dental bridge. As the number one cosmetic dentistry team in Boston, our doctors are dedicated to creating treatment plans customized to your health needs and goals at their office in Brookline, MA.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

While missing teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about your appearance, they can also substantially undermine the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. When even one aspect of your smile is not working properly, it can trigger a domino effect of health problems.

For example, if missing teeth are not replaced, the rest of your smile can shift around and throw your bite out of alignment. Without stimulation from the missing tooth's root, the jawbone may also atrophy over time. Therefore, it is in your best interest to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

About Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges have been used in the field of dentistry for decades. Used to replace one to three consecutive teeth, a dental bridge consists of two dental crowns that anchor artificial teeth between them. At our practice, we can fabricate dental bridges from high-quality materials for a lifelike result.

What to Expect During Treatment

In most cases, we can place your bridge in two office visits: one to prepare the teeth and one to place the final restoration. Treatment is usually broken down into several steps:

While your gums may be somewhat sore in the days after the final placement, you should be able to return to a normal diet fairly quickly.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Restorations

In addition to traditional restorations, Beacon Place Dental Group also offers implant-supported crowns and bridges. Because dental implants use both artificial teeth and tooth roots, they can minimize bone degradation over time. Since the restorations are anchored into the jaw rather than to neighboring teeth, implants can also leave healthy teeth intact. During an initial consultation at our practice, our doctors can determine if implant-supported restorations could be an option for you.