Restore and Enhance Your Smile with a Dental Crown

To prepare the tooth, your doctor will remove a small amount of enamel to make room for the dental crown.

One of the most versatile treatments in dentistry, a dental crown can be used in restorative or cosmetic procedures, depending on the need of the individual. As the number one cosmetic dentistry team in Boston, the doctors at Beacon Place Dental Group can design, craft, and place a custom crown to both conceal aesthetic concerns and strengthen a weak tooth. With over 21 years of experience serving the Brookline, MA, community, our doctors are well-equipped to provide all of your dental needs.

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Placed on top of a tooth like a cap, dental crowns are effective for a huge variety of dental problems. In terms of repair, they are often used to restore erosion, chips, fractures, and decay so that patients can chew naturally. Because they are usually made form translucent porcelain that closely mimics natural teeth, crowns are highly suited to cosmetic treatment, as well. They are recommended to remedy small, worn, or irregularly-shaped teeth for a more proportionate smile.

Dental Crown Treatment Process

In most cases, a dental crown is placed in two visits. During the first appointment, your tooth is prepared. During the second, the final restoration is placed.

Initial Consultation

In order to determine if a crown is most appropriate for your goals and needs, Dr. William Papadopoulos or Dr. Pilar Sanchez will evaluate your oral health during an initial consultation at our practice. In addition to assessing the tooth in question, she or he will also make sure there are no other underlying health problems. If necessary, one of our team members can also take x-rays or scans to visualize the underlying teeth roots and the supporting jawbone. If a dental crown is best-suited to your needs, she or he can immediately prepare the tooth for treatment.

If you have a damaged tooth or if you would like to improve the aesthetics of your smile, a dental crown could be the solution for you.

Preparing the Tooth

In order for your custom dental crown to fit properly, the natural tooth must be slightly modified. Using minimally invasive methods, Dr. Papadopoulos or Dr. Sanchez will remove small amounts of enamel to make room for the crown and eliminate any decay. We always provide local anesthesia for this procedure so that you can stay as comfortable as possible.

After the tooth is fully prepared, we will take digital impressions using our 3Shape 3-D intraoral scanner. This device captures thousands of images and combines them into an accurate representation of your dental anatomy without uncomfortable, messy putty impressions. Before you leave, we will place a temporary restoration to protect your tooth until the next appointment.

Placing the Final Restoration

Impressions are sent to our trusted dental lab, where a ceramist will fabricate your restoration using materials that closely match the color of the natural teeth. In most cases, it takes one to two weeks to craft your dental crown.

Once we receive your final crown from the lab, we can schedule your second office visit. During this appointment, we will remove your temporary crown and place your final restoration. Once it is bonded into place, he will check your bite and make any necessary adjustments.