Digital Smile Design is the New Vision of Cosmetic Dentistry

Please enjoy this masterpiece
created by Dr. Cofar using the Digital Smile Design

Dr. William Papadopoulos and Dr. Pilar Sanchez use Digital Smile Design technology at our Brookline, MA practice to a create a very unique smile that is designed just for you; designed to be in harmony with your individual facial esthetics. We like to think that it's "Your Face Your Smile". With the Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept, we bring you into the process of transforming your own smile. We can also provide actors with smiles tailor-made to their specific roles. DSD is a multi-media system that helps the dentist and the patient visualize the changes that would achieve the desired results. Dr. Papadopoulos can then give you a preview of your new smile and easily communicate the procedure or combination of procedures that would complete your new look.


Using the "Digital Smile Design Protocol" we can create a blue-print of your new smile design


How Our Digital Smile Design Works

When you come to our office for a cosmetic consultation, we will evaluate your oral health with a thorough examination. He will discuss your goals for treatment with you, focusing on the aspects of your smile that you would like to improve and the procedures that interest you. He can then use the DSD planning tools to start designing your smile. The system uses a series of video and high-quality photographs to analyze your facial and dental proportions. A key aspect of the concept is capturing video of you smiling and speaking so that we can observe how your smile currently functions.

For actors desiring a customized smile for a specific character, we can design a variety of different smiles to meet the needs an individual role.

After we gather this information, we will transfer it to a computer to be processed with proprietary software. The images are calibrated with a digital ruler to accurately measure the length and width of your teeth, gum lines, and oral cavity. At this point, Dr. Papadopoulos can begin manipulating the images to design your new smile to your specifications. He can create a number of smile designs using presentation software for you to review. For actors desiring a customized smile for a specific character, we can design a variety of different smiles to meet the needs of an individual role. We understand the importance of fully immersing yourself into a character and bringing as much authenticity to the role as possible.

We also have an in-office photo studio so that we can take professional photos to plan your treatment. This allows us to create your customized treatment plan, and take before, during (if applicable), and after photos to visually represent the changes in your smile.



Creating Your Results

Once you approve your final smile design, we can then use the images to develop your treatment plan. Dr Papadopoulos will recommend the combination of treatments that will be most beneficial to you while staying within your budget. In addition to giving you a preview of your new smile, we can use the DSD files to communicate specifics to dental technicians and other specialists. We can also create a diagnostic mock-up for you to try on, "trial smile", so that you can temporarily experience the new shape and color of your teeth.

In addition to the DSD concept, we utilize a wide range of other technology to provide our patients with the best possible experience and results. As appropriate, we will use digital x-rays to view the jawbone, tooth roots, and any existing restorations with lower levels of radiation. For patients requiring porcelain veneers, crowns, dentures, we utilize 3Shape 3D intraoral scanners to create impressions of your teeth without the mess of traditional putty or wax. The scans are then sent to our dental lab where a skilled dental ceramicist will craft your restoration out of the desired material.