Smilewell Method

Everyone should have the option to "Smilewell"®.

Beacon Place Dental Group unites science and art of modern day dentistry to deliver a unique dental experience. Dr. Bill Papadopoulos personal philosophy is that everyone should have the option to "Smilewell"®. He coined the word "Smilewell" to describe a person’s choice to:

  1. apple-icon-png Restore health to one’s mouth, “Getting Fit”
  2. teeth-icon-img-png To enhance and create an aesthetically pleasing smile, “Looking Great”
  3. hospital-icon-png To preserve one’s healthy smile for a lifetime, “Staying Fit”

His practice reflects his vision to constantly provide the most advanced clinical care by an incredibly caring and professional team. Through continuous advanced education and training; the team is constantly providing superior care for our guests.