Clear Correct Treatment


How would you like to achieve your dream smile? Clear correct is a great alternative to uncomfortable and unaesthetic metal braces. Clear Aligners are removable orthodontic accessories used to straighten teeth or correct wide gaps between teeth. The aligners are nearly invisible. They are comfortable, discreet, and easy to maintain. Clear aligners are not affixed to your teeth like traditional metal braces. Instead, they are slipped on over the teeth and left in place for at least 22 hours a day. They should be removed to eat and drink.

Once your teeth are straight, you’ll notice an improvement in your dental health. Straight teeth are much easier to brush and floss. You’ll be able to reach every surface of your teeth in order to remove food particles and plaque.


The first step in the process involves a visit to our office. It can be as easy as mentioning your interest in Clear Correct to your hygienist at your next cleaning. We will produce a 3D scan of your mouth and jaw using our. With that, Dr. Papadopoulos will create a plan for moving your teeth to the desired placement. After that, your set of customized plastic aligners will be created, and depending on your specific treatment plan, you’ll switch out aligners every week or two. The journey to a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile is much easier and attainable than you think. Mention Clear Correct at your next appointment and ask about our current promotions.

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