How Does Clear Correct Work?

Removeable aligners allow you to eat, drink, and brush your teeth without any hinderances. They are also nearly undetectable to the human eye. Trays are temporarily removable for school photos or important presentations at work.


Clear correct can address crowding of teeth, gaps in your smile, underbites or crooked teeth.

The process of Clear Correct begins with one simple scan which can be done at our office complimentarily.

The clear aligners work by delivering a slight pressure to move the teeth in the right direction. Osteoblasts work to restructure the bone known as remodeling. The periodontal membrane works to loosen the tooth and strengthen the bone once in the right position.

Your overall treatment will have multiple sets of clear aligners that are switched as you progress through treatment. Once you complete treatment a retainer is used at night to keep your teeth in the right position.

This process is quick and pain free. Any discomfort you have between aligners will subside shortly after you switch them.

If you have any interest in improving your smile, mention so at your next appointment.

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