The Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush


Upgrading from a manual to an electric toothbrush has a variety of benefits. Electric toothbrush bristles vibrate or rotate to help remove plaque build up from your teeth and gums. This vibration allows for more micromovements every time you move the toothbrush across your teeth. A recent review of studies showed that in general, electric toothbrushes do decrease more plaque and gingivitis than manual tooth brushes. Oscillating toothbrushes render an even greater decrease.

People with arthritis or similar conditions often find using an electric toothbrush easier and more comfortable. Generally rich in technology and features, some electric toothbrushes can even enable you to improve your brushing habits.

Both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at cleaning teeth if you use proper technique and brush long enough. Overall, an electric toothbrush may make brushing easier, resulting in better plaque removal. Talk with your dentist if you have questions about which toothbrush might be best for you.

Brushing Up


Your toothbrush or toothbrush head should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. Over time, bristles become frayed, reducing their efficacy to clean the teeth. It is also important to insert the tooth brush into your mouth at a 45 degree angle and use gentle strokes. Brush your tongue to remove any bacteria build up or plaque that has gotten stuck there in the process. The entire brushing process should have a duration of 2 minutes.

Most of our Team at Beacon Place Dental Group uses the DiamondClean electric toothbrush by Philips Sonicare. This brush delivers up to 62,000 brush movements per minute, giving you the equivalent of a whole month's of manual brushing in just two minutes. All Sonicare toothbrushes and brush heads are clinically tested to ensure the most effective yet gentle clean. The brush tracks brushing coverage for each session and adjusts intensity level when too much pressure is applied. It even highlights what areas are missing on a 3D mouth map. Ask us about electric brushing today!

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