We Offer Several Options for Financing Dental Care

During your initial consultation, Dr. William Papadopoulos or Dr. Pilar Sanchez will thoroughly go over the cost of treatment so that you can make informed decisions when financing dental care at our Brookline, MA, practice. There are a variety of factors that can affect the total cost of your treatment, and it is important to keep in mind that your insurance may only cover a portion of your treatment. At Beacon Place Dental Group, we accept all major credit cards and provide you with several different financing options to help make your treatment as affordable as possible. 

Factors Influencing Your Dental Care Costs

It is important to keep each of these in mind as you estimate your total costs for your treatment.

  • Specific Procedure: One of the primary factors is the specific type of treatment or procedure you have done. Getting a dental crown is a lot less expensive than replacing several missing teeth with dental implants.
  • Combination of Procedures: In some cases, combining treatments or procedures can save you money and time. Dr. Papadopoulos can help you determine which specific combination of procedures will benefit you most while staying within your budget.
  • Restorations: The type, material, and number of restorations you need can all affect the cost of your treatment. Some materials, while more durable and more aesthetically pleasing, are more expensive than others. Additionally, treatment requiring a full implant-supported denture may cost more than an implant-supported bridge or traditional dentures.
  • Insurance Coverage: Your insurance may not completely cover your treatment, and in some cases, it may provide no coverage at all. It is important to check with your insurance company prior to scheduling treatment to find out what is covered and how that will affect your costs.
At Beacon Place Dental Group, we accept all major credit cards and provide you with several different financing options to help make your treatment as affordable as possible. 

Discussing Budget During Your Consultation

Dr. Papadopoulos or Dr. Sanchez will perform a comprehensive exam during your consultation to evaluate your oral health. At this time, he or she will discuss your goals for treatment and your budget with you. It is important to speak frankly about your budget, as they may be able to make an alternative plan that meets your needs. They will outline each of the procedures  recommended to improve your oral health, and they will give you an estimate for the cost of each procedure. Dr. Papadopoulos or Dr. Sanchez will ensure you fully understand the costs associated with each procedure prior to your decision. Based on this information and information from your insurance provider, you can make an informed decision about your dental care.

Financing Options for Your Dental Care

At Beacon Place Dental Group, we offer our patients several financing options to help make your dental care as affordable as possible. Payment is due at the time of your treatment or procedure.

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