Breaking down the ClearCorrect Timeline

Misaligned teeth can not only detract from the beauty of your smile, but can also have a negative impact on its function and your overall oral health. Patients interested in straightening their teeth without metal braces can take advantage of ClearCorrect™ at our Brookline, MA, dental practice.

The ClearCorrect treatment requires patients to wear a series of clear aligners for 22 hours each day. This treatment can take anywhere from six to 18 months to complete, depending on the severity of the misalignment. Here, our team at Beacon Place Dental Group explores the ClearCorrect treatment process and timeline so patients can be well-informed about their treatment options.

How ClearCorrect works
Teenager waiting to receive ClearCorrect aligners

Because ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment, wearing aligners is not usually a comfortable experience. However, our team strives to ensure that they fit as precisely as possible to lay the groundwork for a straighter smile. 

How ClearCorrect Works

ClearCorrect treatment is personalized to the needs of each individual. However, the general steps of the process include:

  • Initial consultation: During your first visit, your doctor will perform a comprehensive assessment and discuss your personal goals with you. This will help him determine whether ClearCorrect is appropriate for you.
  • Impressions: If you are eligible for ClearCorrect, we will take impressions of your teeth, which will serve as the basis of your aligners.
  • Fabrication of aligners: Your impressions are then sent to the ClearCorrect lab, where a skilled technician will create your trays based on your unique treatment plan.
  • Receiving your trays: Once your aligners have been made, we will schedule you for another appointment. During this visit, your doctor will have you try on your first set of trays in order to ensure that they fit appropriately.
  • Active treatment: You will be sent home with your first set of aligners, along with instructions for proper wear and maintenance. Keep in mind that patient compliance is one of the most important factors of ClearCorrect treatment. It is essential that you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day in order to achieve your ideal results.

ClearCorrect Treatment Timeline

To be effective, trays should be worn at least 22 hours every day and should only be removed during meals or when cleaning your teeth. In most cases, your aligners should be worn for two to three weeks before moving on to the next set in the series. Generally, patients will receive a new set of aligners when they attend their routine check-up appointments.

Wear and Tear: What to Expect While Wearing ClearCorrect

During ClearCorrect treatment, it is normal to experience some degree of wear and tear. For example:

  • You may notice that your aligners do not fit the same way they used to. This is because normal wear can cause the trays to lose their elasticity over time. Your body temperature can also cause the aligners to soften.
  • Eating or drinking certain foods while wearing your aligners can cause them to become discolored.
  • Saliva can wear down the aligners to some degree.
  • Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or clenching, can cause damage to the trays.
  • The aligners can become damaged if you do not practice proper oral hygiene.
  • Patients who are missing teeth may experience faster wear of their aligner trays.

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