Providing Precision and Comfort with Guided Implant Surgery

While dental implants are considered the most successful and longest-lasting replacement for teeth currently available, they require an involved placement surgery. Our doctors at Beacon Place Dental Group in Brookline, MA, use advanced digital planning software to plan guided implant surgery so that your surgery is faster and more accurate. Because trauma is minimized, your recovery from the procedure is expedited, as well.

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

With guided implant surgery, our team can provide:

  • Patient education: Our advanced dental technology allows patients to preview their entire surgery from beginning to end before the first incision is ever made. A full understanding of the treatment process can alleviate fears of the unknown.
  • Faster treatment: Because guided surgery offers unparalleled precision, there is less guesswork involved. Most surgeries are complete in just one to two hours.
  • Quicker recovery: Because fewer incisions means fewer stitches, patients can enjoy a faster recovery.
  • Less discomfort: Because Dr. Papadopoulos makes smaller incisions, most patients experience minimal post-operative discomfort and tenderness. There is also a much lower risk of damaged tissue.
  • Reduced risk of failure: Accurate planning significantly reduces the risk of unstable implant posts and infection, which can result in implant failure.

As a result, guided surgery makes receiving dental implants easier and more predictable than ever.

3-D illustration of lower jaw with teeth, highlighted in bronze, and implants anchored into the bone, highlighted in yellow
Using a guide based off of your unique jaw structure, Dr. Papadopoulos can precisely place your dental implants. 

Guided Implant Treatment

In the past, dental implant placement involved some degree of guesswork. However, since the development of advanced diagnostic imaging, doctors have been able to provide patients with more accurate, streamlined treatment.

Treatment Planning

The first and most important step in guided implant surgery is planning. During an initial consultation with Dr. William Papadopoulos, we will take a cone beam 3-D scan of your existing teeth, jawbone, and surrounding biostructures. This information will allow him to evaluate the density and volume of the bone and determine the best locations for your new implant posts. The images obtained in the scan are used to create a surgical guide, as well.

Software Prints

Once captured, the images are uploaded to our advanced computer software, where Dr. Papadopoulos will begin the treatment planning process. Using the information gathered from the scan, he can place digital implants onto the radiographic image, virtually performing the entire surgery before the procedure even begins. Once the implants are positioned in the most favorable locations on the scan, Dr. Papadopoulos will print out the images and reference them during your guided implant procedure.

Using the information gathered from the scan, [Dr. Papadopoulos] can ..virtually perform the entire surgery before the procedure even begins.

Guided Implant Surgery

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Papadopoulos will use a dental laser to create a tiny incision in the gums and access the underlying jawbone. The surgical guide is then placed over the dental arch, highlighting the particular areas in the jaw where the implants should go. Using the guide and software prints, Dr. Papadopoulos can carefully prepare the jawbone and place the implants.

Temporary Restoration

Once your implants are placed, you will need approximately four to six months to heal before the final restorations can be connected. During this time, the natural bone tissue will fuse with the implant posts. However, due to the accuracy and precision of guided implant surgery, many patients can receive a lifelike temporary restoration the day of their procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Papadopoulos?

When it comes to dental implant placement, you want a doctor who can provide both advanced treatment and aesthetically pleasing results. As the number one cosmetic dental practice in Boston, Beacon Place Dental Group can provide results that are not only predictable and long-lasting, but beautiful, as well.

At our practice, patient comfort is our top priority. We believe that a dental office does not have to feel like completely clinical. Therefore, we offer a number of amenities that provide the luxuries of home, including blankets and headsets in every treatment room.

Take Advantage of Guided Implant Surgery

If you are looking into teeth replacement with dental implants, consider what guided surgery can do for you. To explore your treatment options, schedule a consultation at Beacon Place Dental Group. You can contact us online or call us at (617) 738-0700.

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