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To help protect your mouth and improve athletic performance, Dr. William Papadopoulos and his team provide sports dentistry services to the greater Boston area. A sports mouth guard can protect your teeth from stress- and impact-related injuries such as chips and cracks to preserve your natural teeth and oral health. Beacon Place Dental Group is an exclusive provider of GuardLab® mouth guards for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other professional athletes and teams in the greater Boston, MA area. 

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What Is a Mouth Guard and How Does It Work?

GuardLab® mouth guards are created with strong yet soft materials to absorb the shock of an impact to protect your teeth, mouth, and jaw from injury. At Beacon Place Dental Group, we use a 3D scanner to create custom-fitted sports guards. Your protective mouth guard can be made for your upper teeth for maximum protection or you could have a lower guard made which is better for speech and breathing.

How Can I Benefit from a Mouth Guard?

A customized mouth guard offers two primary benefits: enhanced athletic performance and protection for your teeth.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

While it doesn’t seem possible that a simple mouth guard could actually improve your athletic performance, scientific studies have shown that by decreasing pressure on the teeth and jaw and opening your airway through the use of a custom-fitted mouth guard, you will see improvements in your athletic performance.

  • By reducing your ability to clench your teeth and opening your airway, your mouth guard increases airflow, which can increase strength and speed.
  • Improved airflow delays the onset of lactic acid to improve endurance.
  • Relieving pressure on your teeth and jaw and improving airflow can improve your reaction time.
  • Decreasing the stress and tension on your jaw can stabilize your head, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Receiving instruction in proper techniques, how to wear sports gear properly, and how to maintain equipment can also help you play better while reducing your risk of injury. 

Protection of Your Teeth

Athletes who do not wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury. In any sport, but in high-impact sports especially, a custom-fitted mouth guard is essential to protect your teeth from damage. Even athletes in lower-impact sports who find themselves clenching their teeth may benefit from a custom-fitted mouth guard. 

  • A customized mouth guard will protect your teeth from damage due to an impact to the face and mouth.
  • Your custom-fitted mouth guard can also protect your teeth from damage caused by stress such as clenching your teeth, including chips, cracks, TMJ problems, and more.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), over 200,000 oral injuries are prevented by mouth guards each year. Protecting your smile can not only prevent painful injuries but help you avoid expensive treatments typically required to fix trauma such as broken teeth and jaws.

Who Should Receive a Mouth Guard from a Sports Dentist?

While over-the-counter mouth guards including those of the stock or boil and bite variety, are often very low cost, they do not provide the same level of protection as a custom mouth guard because they do not fit properly. Since store-bought mouth guards are not customized to your bite in any way, they do not account for existing dental conditions or changes that may occur in the bite such as erupting teeth. This is especially important for children and adolescents. A custom mouth guard provided by your sports dentist will account for all the unique aspects of your bite for a comfortable and effective fit. 

Additionally, if you do suffer an injury, your dentist can ensure that you are referred to the appropriate medical professional to address other injuries such as neck injuries or concussion. 

Sports Dentistry

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