Melody's Q&A Corner


Q. How often should I be coming to the dentist?

A. We recommend that you come at least once every six months for a cleaning. Patients with periodontal disease are recommended to come every 3-4 months to maintain their gum health.

Q. What is the difference between a periodic exam and a comprehensive oral exam?

A. A comprehensive exam is routinely don once every 3-5 years. During this exam. Dr. papadopolosor Dr. Sandchez will evauate all current restorations. Both periodic and coprehensive exams an result in the preventio and early detection of oral diseases.

Q. Can I whiten my teeth at home?

A. Yes. you certainly deserve a bright. white sile. We offer at home whitening kis at our office for $250. At home whitening allows you to go at your own pace and gradually whiten. We also offer in ofice Zoom Whitening for $499. Zoom will give you an immediate bright result.

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